Family is very important to us. As a driver for the past 10 years, I know how important home time and family is.

11.11.15: First, let me thank all of our veterans for their service. Second, this site has been down for about a month, but I have spent the past couple days restoring backups file by file and in the coming weeks, the site will be under construction for a completely new facelift and a new mission. As always, watch often for updates.
5.20.14: Griffey Services has become an authorized broker-agent for Universal Am-Can, which gives us unparalleled access to drivers and freight. If you want more information on joining Universal's fleet or the fleet of one of their many subsidiary trucking companies, visit

03.10.14: Griffey Services is transforming since our recent move to Florida! We are currently offering Dispatch/Virtual Fleet Management Services NATIONWIDE and are accepting owner-operators who wish to free their fleet to make more money than ever before! I know as a driver for 10 years that what the major companies are offering are pennies on the dollar. Why allow them to make $2 or $3 a mile and only pay you $1 for doing all the work? It's slave-wages that are meant to keep you hungry and on their payroll. It makes you need them, when they should be the ones making the $1 while YOU take what's left! Call Michael today to find out how you can keep your trucks moving and make the money you deserve.

Griffey Services is also working on several other valuable offerings as well. Keep an eye out here for all the excitement that 2014 is bringing.

Griffey Services wishes to extend their sympathy to the family of Dave Brockie, who passed away unexpectedly on March 23, 2014 at the age of 50.
He was not just a great artist, he was an extremely cool person and he will be missed.